The District Council of Texas and the Mid-South States

This dynamic alliance represents 5,000 top union ironworkers in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico and along the Gulf Coast. It works with leading signatory contractors and industry employers to advance standards of excellence, productivity, performance and profitability within the construction industry

The District Council of Texas and the Mid-South is dedicated to building a bigger, better workforce of skilled union ironworkers and to recruiting and training the next generation of industry-best union ironworkers. It is committed to developing greater opportunities for both union ironworkers and their employers throughout Texas, the Mid-South and the Central Gulf Coast.

Ironworking is an essential craft in modern construction. For skilled union ironworkers the future holds great potential as construction activity expands to meet the growth projected for this part of the country in coming years.

Union ironworkers have a long, proven tradition of being the best and building the best and they can rely on new and greater career opportunity in the future. Opportunity to train to be the best in the craft; opportunity for career advancement based on ability, skill and performance; opportunity to work alongside the best; opportunity to work on the biggest and best jobs being built; and opportunity to build a secure future within an organization dedicated to the well-being and success of its members and the industry.

Whether you are an experienced journeyman ironworker who wants to make the most of his working years; a young person ready to become an apprentice ironworker and train for a great career in the construction industry; just coming back from military service in the Armed Forces; or a quality-conscious contractor who wants the best workers on the job–you will find what you are looking with the Iron Workers Union.

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