IMPACT - Reinforce Our Future

Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust

IMPACT is a joint cooperative trust between labor and management formed in 2003 under the Labor-Management Relations Act. The primary mission of this visionary national initiative is to bring union ironworkers and signatory contractors together in innovative and mutually beneficial partnerships that will develop and secure more jobs for both union ironworkers and signatory employers in the U.S. and Canada.

Securing success through performance excellence.

Through IMPACT and its regional advisory boards, the Iron Workers Union and signatory employers have developed numerous programs focused on securing workplace performance excellence as well as the competitive edge for participants. A stringent substance abuse program that is the best in the industry is one such initiative. The clear goal of this program and other IMPACT initiatives like customized project tracking, safety insurance programs and expanded foreman training is to secure and to deliver a safe, productive, profitable workplace of which union ironworkers, contractors, employers and owners can be proud.

IMPACT works in tandem with the Iron Worker District Councils, Local Unions, Shop Locals, Signatory Contractor Associations, and union contractors as it advocates on national and international levels for the mutual interests and progressive success within the ironworking industry.

Ten regions compose IMPACT in the U.S. The District Council of Texas and the Mid-South encompasses the jurisdiction of IMPACT, Region VI, which includes the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Mexico.

For more information, contact the District Council office or visit IMPACT’s national website at