Signatory contractors are construction industry employers who hire union ironworkers and partner as employers with IMPACT and the Iron Workers Union. Signatories in Texas and the Mid-South States are among the leading contractors, steel erectors, and construction employers in the nation.

Signatory Contractor Associations (SCAs) and their member contractors, as well as many independent signatory contractors, work with the Iron Workers Union as industry allies. They focus on building profitable business relationships that will assure a genuine competitive edge for union ironworkers and their employers in the construction industry marketplace today and in the future.

Union ironworkers in Texas and the Mid-South work hard to deliver a real competitive edge to their employers. The advantages signatory contractors can rely on when hiring union ironworkers are real.

Partnering in progressive and innovative programs with the Iron Workers Union is a smart business move for contractors, builders and owners.

You do get more when you go union:

  • Access to 5,000 of the best ironworkers in the business;
  • A trained, professional and portable workforce committed to top performance;
  • Experienced specialists and broadly skilled ironworkers capable in all job categories;
  • Flexibility and mobility in workforce deployment;
  • Straightforward, fair and clear negotiated wage structure in place;
  • Single call convenience for employers simplifies securing the right workers at the right time;
  • Comprehensive, industry-best drug free program; testing, tracking and oversight meets or exceeds owner requirements;
  • Secure and simplified third-party administration of employee benefits;
  • State of the art safety training;
  • Project information and tracking tools;
  • National and regional marketing; and–
  • Did we mention–access to the best ironworkers in the business.

In addition, IMPACT, the District Council of Texas and the Mid-South can work with employers to develop labor management initiatives that offer signatory contractors greater traction when competing for key jobs.

Learn more by contacting the Signatory Contractor Associations that are making these partnerships work within the District Council of Texas and the Mid-South States.

Contractor By Local Union

Click on the links below to visit the Local Unions of the Texas and Midsouth States websites to view contractors signatory to their region.