You need the ability to do physically demanding work; enjoy working with your hands and your brain; and work well as a team member.

Ironworkers build structures from scratch. It is challenging work - but it can be exhilarating. As a union ironworker you will be proud of the work you do and you will have the satisfaction of seeing progress every day on the job, too.

As an apprentice, union ironworkers train and progressively master the fundamentals of handling, cutting, assembling, welding, bolting, moving, rigging and securing steel in its many applications in the construction process.

An apprentice learns the essential skills required on each job, and earns his spurs both on the job and in the classroom, ultimately becoming a well-rounded journeyman ironworker.

On the job, productivity and high performance go hand in hand with safety and dependability - union apprentice ironworkers learn what it takes to be the best and the safest ironworkers in the industry.

Construction is evolving rapidly. The union ironworker apprenticeship programs will prepare a committed individual for a genuinely productive and profitable role in the industry. Successfully completing the apprenticeship training and gaining journeyman status will put an ironworker in a solid position to move ahead in the industry and become an ironworker foreman or supervisor.

The iron workers apprenticeship programs welcome returning military personnel and work with the national Helmets to Hardhats Program to bring individuals into apprenticeship and to honor the skill and relevant abilities they developed during their service.

Learn more by visiting the Helmets to Hardhats section in this website.

“Few young people think ahead 30 years, or understand the power of money and what it can do in 30 years. A union ironworker that has 30 years on the job can have a comfortable retirement.”

Parley Dixon, President,
Patriot Steel, Dripping Springs, Texas

Key attributes:

  • Good work ethic, everyday.
  • Enjoy dynamic, physical work.
  • Want to do work you are proud to be doing.
  • Like to see results from your work every day.
  • Interest or experience in working in the construction industry.
  • Team player and possess a personal drive to excel.
  • Want a career - not just ‘a job’.
  • Want to earn a fair wage and learn along the way.
  • Want to build a real future.

Get the advantage. Go union.