Ironworkers build skyscrapers, bridges, commercial and institutional buildings, stadiums, convention centers, sports arenas, power plants, refineries, hospitals and much more. We assemble and secure the complex steel frames that shape these structures, assembling, wrangling and securing millions of tons of steel, iron, precast, and structural components into perfect position. The job is to accomplish the goals of the architects, designers and engineers who envision and plan these structures to exact tolerances.

Ironworking is a vital and essential craft in modern construction and fundamental to virtually all buildings of any scale or complexity.

Structural Ironwork

These pros erect the complex steel structures that under gird and shape large-scale industrial, commercial and residential buildings, bridges, stadiums, arenas and specialized structures. They erect metal buildings and install pre-cast columns and panels. Structural ironworkers have earned the nickname ‘cowboys of the skies’ for good reason, coolly assembling the steel frame of a new building high above the ground or straddling a huge truss as a crane flies the steel into their hands, to be bolted into place as they erect the structure piece by piece.

Ornamental Ironwork

These specialists install curtain wall and window systems that sheath buildings today. The work includes the exteriors of high-rise structures as well as the impressive interior finished elements seen and admired every day. Ornamental ironworkers are often referred to as ‘finishers’, since their specialty is installing the distinguishing exterior and interior surface systems that meet the public eye.

Rigging Machinery Mover, Erector

Whether it is the rigging of a 600-ton reactor, the erection of the largest truss span in the country, a jack and slide of machinery and equipment or a heavy haul of a 300 foot vessel the - Union Iron Workers are undisputed leaders in the lifting, rigging and heavy hauling business.

Reinforcing and Post Tensioning

It takes strength and know how to move and place the steel that reinforces poured in place concrete.
Reinforcing ironworkers, or "rodmen", install rebar and the complex post tensioning tendons and cables
that allow concrete structures the internal strength to bring to life the complex designs envisioned by
architects and engineers.


Welding is a key skill set necessary in all facets of ironwork and certified welders are in high demand within this trade. Solid training, upgrading and certification tests assure union ironworkers are well qualified to meet the demands for this specialty.


These are but a few examples of the exciting day-to-day duties of a union ironworker. Contact the
Local Union nearest you to learn more about the erection, installation and fabrication process
within the ironworking industry.