Are you already a JOURNEYMAN ironworker?

Get More. Go Union.

For experienced ironworkers, becoming a Union ironworker is a decision that makes sense when you look down the road and see the future coming at you faster and faster.

Insurance, health benefits, solid retirement plan options, job opportunities on top projects, job site representation and the union’s 100 plus years of proven commitment to the success, safety and well-being of its members - it all adds up to an unbeatable deal you won’t and don’t get out there on your own.

If you have survived in the industry, you are probably pretty darn good at what you do. We invite you to consider utilizing your hard-earned skill, talent and experience as a union ironworker and secure a better future for yourself and for your family.

Ask yourself if you have health coverage, insurance, a retirement plan, and wage protection.If the answers don’t add up, or you simply want to start investing in your future as well as your career - give us a call.

Whether you are new to the trade or have years of experience, union membership will get you more.


Talk to us about your future. See for yourself the difference union membership can make. Call the Local Union office nearest you to discuss the realities and rewards of going union, and then decide for yourself. We welcome the opportunity to present the facts and figures in an honest and straightforward way so that you can make an informed and wise decision about your biggest investment - what you do with your skill, your career, your future and your money.

"Each man has a different reason why he becomes an ironworker - but when he becomes one in his heart, he wants to be the best - and he wants to make the most money he can per hour that his field deserves, and he wants benefits for his family."

Ronnie Smitherman  
Business Manager, Local Union No. 263  
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas