APPRENTICESHIP programs in the Iron Workers Union

Looking for a great career?

One that will pay you well, challenge and interest you, give you room to grow and do the kind of work you enjoy and are proud to be doing?

As a union apprentice ironworker you train on the job - earning while you learn. In addition to classroom instruction, experienced union journeymen mentor you on the jobsite, helping you master the demanding skills required of superior ironworkers in today’s competitive construction industry.

As you progress through the Ironworkers Apprenticeship program and as your skill and experience increase, your wages grow, too. And, from the day you become an apprentice ironworker, you start building your financial and retirement future while you are building yourself a real career.

Building Strong

For more than a century, union ironworkers have been constructing the greatest buildings and structures in the United States.

When you look at the nation’s towering skyscrapers, awesome bridges spanning over miles of water, great sports arenas, hospitals, libraries, amusement parks, civic centers, commercial buildings, concert halls, power plants, refineries and the glistening steel and glass covered buildings that define a city skyline you are looking at the craftsmanship of skilled union ironworkers.

Today a new generation of union ironworkers is preparing to build the great structures of tomorrow. You can be part of that future by becoming a union ironworker apprentice now!

Learn more about becoming a union ironworker and the Iron Worker Apprentice Program. Contact the Affiliated Local Union office nearest your city.